Everday: Second solo show with Galerie Mokum in Amsterdam


Solo Show at Galerie Mokum
Opening reception March 16
(I'll be in attendance!) 

March 16- April 14.

Every day we repeat a set of tasks. Activities like preparing food, washing dishes, doing laundry. Recently I’ve been painting the mundane objects I encounter every day: deli sandwiches, dirty dishes, laundry, cleaning supplies. Painting these objects again and again in series mirrors how we engage with them: repetitively and toward a purpose.

These objects have no special interest for me; their very banality helps me to turn my focus away from the objects themselves and toward the image as a whole: the flat shapes, the balance of light and dark, and the interaction of color.

Over the past year, I’ve become increasingly interested in pictorial space. In each of my recent paintings, I have tried on a specific historical approach to pictorial space. I accept that no one system used to create the illusion of space, from the Greco-Romans to the High Renaissance to the Abstract Expressionists, is more natural or accurate than the others, but that each represents a distinct way of perceiving the world. I’m not interested in adopting one of these systems and living within it.  Instead, I’ve tried to be deliberate about my approach to pictorial space, pulling out the ideas from each historical period that I find compelling and repurposing them toward my own ends.

Zoey Frank